When a church signs up as a member church, they have access to a variety of resources and activities that will encourage the entire church body. Pastors will see that their youth workers have the support they need so they can spend more time to disciple their young people. The youth workers plug into the Christ-centered activities so they won’t get burnt out plus enjoy the network and fellowship of seeing other youth groups through competitive activities. 

With the eye-catching events, unchurched & even the inactive youth will be drawn to Y.S. events and hear the Gospel. Many will be saved and brought back by their leaders to be baptized, discipled, and serving in the ministry. We have seen over the years a revival taken place among the young people through these churches.

Not only do pastors, youth leader, & the youth benefit, but the married and single adults do also through our Thanksgiving Day Echo & Spiritual Life Weekend Retreats. These are times where the adult church body can get away and meet other Christians and be enriched by the ministry of the Word by outstanding preachers. Plus the Family outing at amusement parks with services & Gospel concerts are held.




Being the first Black representative in the Worldwide Ministry of Word of Life Clubs, Marc Oden served & pioneered in the Philadelphia Inner-city Bible Club program in Jan. 1983. After which, the Lord led him and his wife Germaine to start the 20 year old ministry of Youth Spectacular, Inc. in July of 1987. The ministry reached 1000’s of people from Canada to Atlanta, Georgia through the many events of Youth Spectacular where the Gospel was preached. 

Hundreds of people have trusted Christ from the NBA stadiums, massive rallies, many Teen Hot Spots, and other events. Pastors, adults, teens, & children have greatly enjoyed and benefited by this ministry over the years. With a 10 year break due to the econamy and health, Y.S. was dormant for a while and the Lord has raised it back to life to serve the body of Christ through the local churches. Be a part of this great ministry helping to reach the young people in our suburbs and inner-city for Christ with the help of local bible and Gospel preaching churches.