Help YOUTH SPECTACULAR reach youth!

Marc Oden was saved under the Gospel ministry of Dr. B. Sam Hart at Calvary Gospel Chapel in Philadelphia, PA. in August of 1975. Shortly after that time, Dr. Hart help started the ministry of a young man who is now known as Dr. Tony Evans of Dallas TX. Marc later went to Word of life Bible Institute in Pottersville, New York after attending Drexel University and Philadelphia College of Bible in Philadelphia, PA. After graduating from Word of Life Bible Institute in 1982, he was asked to come on staff and be the first Black Representative for Word of Life Inner City Clubs serving his home town Philadelphia, PA. After serving on staff for nearly five years with Word of Life Inner-City Clubs, the Lord led him to start Youth Spectacular, Inc. in the summer of 1987. A few years later, Marc Oden was ordained to the Gospel Ministry by the same man who help launch Dr. Tony Evans ministry, Dr. B. Sam Hart and a number of Elders in the Plymouth Brethren Denomination attended the ordination.


Since 1987 to 2007, Youth Spectacular has been a successful proven ministry and has served the Christian Community reaching 100’s and even thousands of young people and families with the the Gospel in numerous evangelistic activities, city wide rallies, conventions, and retreats being held at sports areas, college gymnasiums, churches , hotels , and amusement parks over the years in the Mid-Atlantic States. We provided an alternative for violence, drugs, other addictions, immorality, crime, teenage pregnancies, folks in miss guided homes, poor counseling, and lack of educational values that our urban cities and suburbs faced.Primarily serving in the metropolitan area of Philadelphia over the years, Y.S. has broaden it’s impact from Canada to south as Atlanta GA. at the Georgia Dome where we had a Alnight Superama. Youth Spectacular have impacted the churches, youth leaders, parents, teens & children with biblical principles, Christ-centered activities, and Christian resources to improve their way of living.


In order for young people to have a solid foundation, it is important that they might have a solid home environment. Youth Spectacular focused on enriching not only the youth worker and their youth, but moms and dads that are closer to their well being and growth process. This non-profit ministry was designed to make everyone Spectacular! Due to the hardship of our economy at that time and recognizing the fact that Marc had renal failure, the work had to be on hold. In March of 2009, Marc had a cancer tumor in his right kidney and it was decided to be remove before it spread throughout his body. So the doctors removed the right kidney and placed him immediately on dialysis. He was living with one kidney and that kidney had completely failed. The ministry had to be placed on hold and he stayed on dialysis for 7 years. On the 4th of July 2016, he was given a perfect kidney which cause him to continue the outstanding and fulfilling ministry of Youth Spectacular.


The church he started last year, Faith Bible Fellowship Baptist, Inc. has registered this work as a D.B.A. (Doing Business As Usual). As founding Pastor of Faith Bible Fellowship and Founder and Executive Director of Youth Spectacular, his deepest passion is to to equip the Body of Christ to do the work of the ministry. With your prayers and any financial support from churches and individuals, you can impact the Tri-State Metropolitan areas of Philadelphia, PA., Camden, NJ.. and Wilmimington DE. by allowing Youth Spectacular to assist Gospel preaching Bible teaching Churches reach young people, and families with the Gospel of Christ. Christ is our nation only hope! Help us now raised up a team of Christian Workers & Home missionaries in this area and later throughout the country so we can launch Youth Spectacular in your area. Financially support this work to help stem the tide of destruction of the youth of our nation. The young people need our help! Join and stand with us as we strive together for the sake of the Gospel. How much is a young person worth?


Here are the Youth Spectacular Activities for adults and young people in your area we wish to start:

  • Spiritual Life Conferences.
  • Married & Singles Echoe Weekend Retreats.
  • Youth Worker & Teen Conferences.
  • All Night Superamas – the NBA Game, Post Game rallies on the floor of the NBA arenas, 2 1/2 hours of bowling and rollerskating, and all you can eat and drink pizzas and sodas until 6 am.
  • All Nighters & Lockins.
  • Family Outings at Amusement Parks with Gospel & Christian Musical Artists.
  • College Tours.
  • Christian Proms & Mission Trips.
  • Summer and Snow Overnight Camps.
  • Staff Schools for Youth Spectacular Representatives.
  • Teen Hot Spots Monthly Rallies.
  • Wee Willy Monthly Rallies.
  • Scholarships for Higher Learning and Biblical Education for outstanding High School students.
  • Basketball, Softball, & Volleyball Tournaments.
  • Pastor’s Luncheons.
  • Discipleship through social media such as Facebook.
  • A Para Church Ministry & friend to all Bible Believing Gospel Preaching Churches.

It is our prayer to have a Youth Spectacular Representative in each of the areas listed below around the Arena areas where these NBA teams play, & which the All Night Superamas will be held in the future will be are:

  • New England States – Boston Celtics playing at the  New York
  • New York – New York Nicks playing at the Madison Square Garden
  • Central Jersey – New Jersey Nets playing at the Prudential Center
  • Metropolitan Areas of Philadelphia, PA, South Jersey, & North Delaware – Philadelphia 76ers playing at the Wells Fargo Center 
  • Bear, Delaware – Head Quarters and Administration
  • Baltimore/Washington, D.C. – Washington Wizards playing at the Capital One Center
  • North Carolina – Charlotte Hornets –  playing at the Spectrum Center
  • Atlanta, Georgia – Atlanta Hawks playing at the Phillips Arena
  • Orlando, Florida – Orlando Magic playing at the Amway Center 
  •  Miami, Florida – Miami Heat playing at the American Airline Arena